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Tuesday, September 8, 2015


My definition of diet is more about the type of food we consume

I am not a believer of the typical definition of diet. Generally most diets are eliminating a type of food that we need. Like carbs, or fat. Cutting out all forms of fat out of your diet is not the best way to lose weight- in fact it can be the opposite. Your hair could even start to fall out. Of course it is about the type of fats that you are eating that matter. You will want to limit your consumption of trans fats for example. There are healthy fats, like the fat from an avocado or coconut oil. I will go into this deeper in later posts.

Most people who diet or yoyo diet actually gain more in the long run then those who don’t - for
many reasons- When they fall they fall hard. The day their diet is over some will go get a big mac meal. They haven’t changed their thinking about food. Also when you limit your food your body is more likely to hold on to what you do consume because your body is worried about the way you eat and is making sure that it will get what it needs.

When we talk about yoyo dieters or fad diets- we are talking about the southbeach diet, atkins diet, cabbage soup diet- 

There is also protein only diets. Or high protein diets. These are actually not good as well because you will only use what protein youe body needs. They rest turns to glucose and stores as fat.

Of course this isn't always true for all of the diets that are coming out these days. We now have more and more diets that are surfacing that do have some merit to them

The Paleo diet is a high protein diet but it is different because its focus is on protein but it is also about getting what you need in the other areas as well- but from healthy sources.
This "diet" is just giving a name to a type of healthy eating. It is not about just trying to eat this way for a week or two - but about changing the way that you eat for life.
The Paleo diet or caveman diet is all about eating the way that caveman did. No processed foods.

There are other elimination diets these days as well like Gluten free. The gluten free diet though does have its own purpose. Its not just to eliminate a food group all together but to eliminate one food that is not healthy. Some times it is because of an allergy or auto immune disease, sometimes it is just because most of us feel healthier when we are not consuming gluten. There are other sources though for carbs that we need in our meal plans and this diet is not about eliminating carbs all together.

 Then of course we have our many different types of vegetarians.
The term vegetarian generally explains people who don’t eat meat, poultry or fish.
But this has become an umbrella term for different forms of vegetarians.
The term vegetarian can include people eat eggs and dairy. Some people who consider them selves
vegetarians eat fish, or even free range chickens. Some may only avoid red meat.
The most common sub terms of vegetarians are;
-lacto- vegetarians- Avoids meat, fish and poultry (including eggs) but they do consume dairy.
-ovo- vegetarians - Avoids meat, fish and poultry and dairy. But, they do consume eggs.
-lacto- ovo- vegetarians – Avoids meat, fish and poultry but does consume eggs and dairy.
-Vegans – Vegan has become an increasingly large umbrella term of its own.
The term Vegan generally relates to those individuals that Avoid consumption of All animal and animal
bi- products.
Including but not limited to meat, fish, poultry, eggs, and dairy. Also honey (made from bee’s), Gelatian (made from the connective tissue and bones),
They also avoid using there products in their lives- furs, silk, wool, leather, tallow soaps, medicines,
cosmetics and numerous house hold products and even house building product- paint, drywall, ceramic
tiles etc.
Of course there is different degrees of how serious people are and how far they go with the products
they refuse to use
Some of the other Vegan terms used are
-Raw / living food- Raw/ living food diet generally refers to raw, unprocessed foods. Foods that have not been cooked above a certain temperature because doing so kills the majority of enzymes in the foods.

The point of this post is to let you all now that from this point going forward when I mention Diet- I am referring to the foods that we consume and not a fad diet unless specifically mentioned